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Mid-life career change - Reflection #2

Where it is you want to go..?

A simple question but I must admit it is not easy to answer. During the first half, if you are like me, you probably did not have time to think about how you would spend the rest of your life. We have been busy enough following our paths, perhaps the ones that many people have taken before us - rushed through college, embarked on a career, acquired many things along our journeys. 

Before starting out your second half, best is to call for a time-out. A time-out doesn’t mean you need to quit your job immediately. Take your time to slow down, to ponder, reflect, and imagine. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to yourself. 

My time-out lasted around 4 years (believe me time passes really quickly!). During this period I deliberately tuned down my working hours step by step, make space to embark a self-awareness journey through personal coaching and study,  learn how to overcome my self-doubt and fear, and make a transition plan.

Everyone has a different journey. Important is to ASK yourself where it is you want to go; LISTEN to yourself carefully; HEAR your north star and FOLLOW its guidance.

During this period of slowdown, give yourself permission to observe, to wonder, to consider diverging from the well-worn path – and to follow your dreams.

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