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Perception creates reality

What do you see?

I created this illustrative drawing with a personal message in mind, but most likely when you see it, you’ll have your own interpretation and perception.

We all have our own perceptions.

Have you heard of the saying, “Perception is reality”?

The way we see things is often shaped by our personality, past experiences, beliefs, culture and our imagination.

Our perception shapes our individual reality, and subsequently, our behaviors.

But one thing we need to realize is: our perception is not necessarily the absolute truth.

We need to be mindful and cultivate the habit of being aware of how and why we perceive things as they are.

It is an important concept and one that if you understand it, can lead to less anxiety about your life and who you are.

So, next time when you are faced with ‘perceived’ stressful incidents, or ‘seeing’ yourselves not good enough… 

Just take a 10 second pause along with a deep breath, and then ask yourself 

“How can I look at this differently?”

When practicing it daily, you may be amazed how this simple act could tamp down your fight or flight autonomic nervous system, and give you back a sense of control in your life.

Want to explore further?

Chat soon.

P.S. back to my drawing below…what do you see and how does it link to your usual way of perceiving? Would love to hear your comments.

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