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Counselling -Coaching -Training

Counselling -Coaching -Training

Counselling -Coaching -Training

“You can't see the picture while inside the frame.”

Les Brown


Counselling is a place for you to share and to reflect on your stories.

It is a place to build hope, to look beyond your current challenges. Knowing that changes are possible, whatever circumstances you are currently in.

I help clients overcome a range of emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, workplace stress, depression, relationship issues, self-confidence, phobias and addiction. 

It is important to realize what stories we are telling ourselves, and others, when we talk about our lives. They directly impact  your feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I once heard a story that demonstrates how a story made up in one’s mind could trap oneself in a negative emotional state for years. Rachel walked her dog every morning in her favorite park. That morning was the last time before she moved to another house to a different city. In the distance a lady was walking towards her. She had seen this lady many times and always said hello but was not greeted in return. “Was she just rude? Did she think that I looked weird?” Rachel decided in her mind that the lady was arrogant and looked down on her. This triggered Rachel’s anger and feelings of injustice whenever she saw the lady over the years. Determined to get a response this very last time before she moved, Rachel said in a very loud voice “Hello!”. To her surprise, the lady turned and smiled. Rachel told the lady that she has been saying hello to her for years and that was the first time she greeted her back. In an apologetic voice the lady said, “ Oh sorry my dear I have poor eyesight and am nearly deaf, how terribly rude of me.” That three seconds of conversation has demolished the story that was held in Rachel’s mind for years. “What if I had held back my judgement? Or imagined other reasons why she did not speak to me?” Gone was Rachel’s anger and feelings of injustice, but compassion for another fellow human being. This is the power of the stories that you told yourselves. How many times we believe our imaginations were right?

I work with you and help you to know more about yourself, develop coping skills, and work out the thoughts and feelings that you have built up over time that are a bit tougher to process on your own.

My aim is to help you to see new possibilities and perspectives, and initiate changes that move you forward with your stories

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Counselling Support
English & Chinese 

Stress & Anxiety

Family & Relationships
Grief & Loss 
Depression / Trauma 
Addiction/ Phobias

Mutlicultural counselling

Counselling works by establishing greater awareness, openness and orient your life toward meeting your core emotional needs.

Emotional distress such as stress, anxiety, excessive fear, depression and addiction etc. are the results of innate emotional needs not being met in balanced, healthy ways.

My approach is evidence-based and solution-focused. Each client is different and I co-create and tailor each counselling session to the needs of my clients. 

How will I support you? 


My Approach

1. Make sense of your emotional response

2. Understand what drives your behaviour

3. Tip your first domino

Taking the step to visit a consellor is an act of bravery. It can be difficult to talk to someone about your burdens and struggles. One thing for sure: sharing and having your stories heard is in itself, therapeutic.

It is hopeful to know that
you have a choice to choose and move beyond with your life stories.

Make your choice today and start with tipping your first domino
Connect with me for a first
 30-min consultation session (no charge) and we start from there. 


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