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I believe that at the heart of counselling, therapy or coaching, is a process of exploring oneself and exposing oneself in the presence of another.  
I've always learnt something about myself and  'moved' forward when working with my clients.  
We co-created all the sessions and they are truly connected.
 Thank you for all your honest and open communication - being genuine.
Thank you, clients!​


J.Danial, Amsterdam May 2024

The best decision I made regarding my mental health. I was heard, and understood, without judgment, and received the best counseling in the most comfortable way. I would highly recommend Antony to anyone seeking a perfect counseling place in Amsterdam.

Tekin, Amsterdam May 2024

Working with Antony was truly impactful. His presence and heartfelt dedication made every session feel safe and productive. Antony stands out for his ability to create a non-judgmental space where I could explore even the toughest subjects comfortably. Truly, there are only few therapists who have the gift of patience as he does. His genuine compassion and dedication were evident, providing unwavering support as I navigated through challenges.

Thanks to his guidance, I confronted issues with newfound courage and resilience. I'm immensely grateful for Antony's compassionate approach and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a therapist who truly cares

R.Hennifphof, Amsterdam April 2024

Amazing counselor who is a very good listener and comes up with fun and helpful practical challenges that are helpful in everyday life.

J Chan, Amsterdam April 2024

Having been under Antony's guidance for several trajectories, I've found myself continually inspired by his approach. He has a remarkable ability to lead me toward new perspectives, often unveiling layers of understanding I hadn't considered before.


Our sessions were conducted with such ease and at a perfect pace, making it effortless to confront issues I'd long avoided or failed to recognize. I've wholeheartedly recommended Antony to my closest friends, knowing they'll receive the same transformative experience.

J Yam, London March 2024

Throughout the year, Antony patiently listened to my struggles and pointed out some points that I can action on to address the issues. This is the first time I have counseling sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed and now I am a more confident and happy person. I highly recommend Antony as a trusted counselor.

Johnny, United Kingdom September 2023

Antony helped me through couple of sessions to reflect on my challenges in a systematic way. Each session Antony would work with me to define a topic to reflect and set actions to practice. I would certainly recommend this trusted  and respectable counselor to anyone who would need help in navigating life challenges.

Tony,  Toronto Augustl 2023

Antony has professional experience for counselling. He always find the best way to assist client. He is knowledgeable on what clients' need for mental support.  He is a good listener and I feel calm and comfortable during the counselling sessions. I recommend Antony to anyone who is looking for a counsellor.

Ruben, Amsterdam June 2023

In the spring of 2023 I have met with Antony for a number of sessions where we discussed different topics related to emotional needs and wellbeing. Antony asked the right questions to explore together with me where the growth areas were for me.


Antony is caring and respectful. Some aspects that I value his way of counseling is the mix between theory about certain topics; time for conversations and exploration; and also very practical application. I would highly recommend Antony as counsellor

Dani, Amsterdam June 2023

I worked with Antony as I was looking for help with my fear/anxiety of flying. Thanks to Antony's calm presence, listening skills, and empathy, I felt safe and that allowed me to create more space inside me. We explored what is behind the fear and what can help with managing anxiety.  Through stories and guided imagination, I could see that it is possible to gain control over certain aspects before, during and after flying.

I noticed after the first session that I felt more at ease when thinking about flying. After 3rd session, I managed to buy the tickets without postponing the decision.  I can make my decision easier and I believe that it will open a door to a whole new world and experience for my future.

I highly recommend working with Antony to everyone, especially to those who are looking to better understand any fear, or anxiety, and to start a path of overcoming and to live a more balance and fulfilling life.

Y,  Freelancer Amsterdam May 2023

Antony has a calm and steady guiding style that made me feel welcome to bring my questions and explore. I really appreciated how he invited subtle insights and shifts to my beliefs. He is passionate about helping people and he seems to intuitively know what is most needed in the moment — whether it’s silence, space, reflection or support. Thanks Antony!

Jane, Amsterdam April 2023

I already had some sessions with Antony when he started counselling a few years ago, and we addressed my long-standing confidence issues that affected various aspects of my life, including relationships, friendships, career and personal development. The journey was incredible and amazing. Through exploring my childhood and personal growth, I gained new insights about myself and my life goals.


In our recent sessions, we further discussed the stress and issues currently affecting me, and Antony has helped me see things from a new perspective. He empowered me to recognize my own strengths and to use them to resolve conflicts in my life. I was inspired by his approach in helping clients discovering their inner resources to overcome life's challenges.


I am immensely grateful and appreciative that Antony encouraged me to continue exploring myself and seeking balance in my life. Thank you very much, Antony!

RH, Amsterdam 2022

Antony has a very professional approach. With his good introduction I knew what to expect from him and the sessions. His professional approach throughout the course of our meetings gave me a great trust in our coach-client relationship. I never feel worry about confidentiality for instance.

For me the coaching process was really helpful. Most importantly it has helped me to become aware of a lot of things about my life, my personality, how things in the past/childhood can have had an influence on issues I am experiencing now. The sessions also gave very practical guidelines I could use  in order to handle these issues. I am also still using 10 minute meditations and that's really helpful and gives rest in my head after busy days or when I am worried.


I also really appreciated the care of the coach for me when we talked about preventing burn out. I am really happy and content about how the sessions went and the coach is very professional and empathetic and knowledgeable. I would for sure recommend him to others.

Dani S, London 2022

I didn't quite know what to expect from the sessions but I knew I was in need of counseling and I was open minded to what the process would be and to the counselor’s style, personality, ethics and way of working. I was pleased when meeting Antony and learning that he was in my own age category as I prefer a counselor with as much life experience as myself.

Antony has helped me professionally as it turned out so I was very pleased and I felt a lot happier and safer in the space with him because of his life experience. I felt safe in space and trusted the process and my counsellor’s support and eagerness to work with. To me the most important thing was to discuss certain key issues in my life and to have the opportunity to share the questions I had, with not only a professional, but a man around my own age who was sensitive enough and ready to listen.


We discussed all of the topics I brought to the sessions and the result was that I certainly gained more clarity by discussing them with him. I really very much enjoyed his respectful, polite and friendly manner throughout.

H.L, Hong Kong 2022

Antony was a highly emphatic listener. He often serves as a mirror to help me reflect on my perspectives and self-limiting beliefs. He spent time and asked good questions to make sense of my upbringing and the development of my values. 

It was a psychologically safe environment to discuss my in-depth issues and concerns.  I appreciate it as it is particularly challenging to create such space in the virtual/online context.

Stella, Rotterdam 2022

The sessions were very useful to me. Antony has helped me through my grieving process of a loss of a significant relationship.  With the safe space I was able to explore the various emotions that have surfaced at various stages of the grieving process. Through a family constellation exercise Antony has helped me to understand myself better regarding my insecurity and anxiety in relationships. This has been eye-opening to me.

Kathy W, Rotterdam 2021

Antony is an excellent counsellor. He helped me to face my anxiety issues and I can manage my anxiety a lot better with his help.  Antony is warm, client-centered and non-judgmental. He provided me with an environment that I feel safe to share my thought and feelings. He is very knowledgeable and insightful. I cannot thank Antony enough for helping me to deal with my anxiety issues. I recommend Antony to anyone who is looking for a counsellor.

G,  Japan 2021

Antony used a client-led approach when shaping the flows of the sessions. He patiently listened to me and gave feedback in a non-judgmental  manner. The sessions very effective and productive. Antony has helped me to explore the root causes and drilled deep into my situations.  
Antony and I lived in different countries and he had a commendable understanding on my cultural background which made the sessions very smooth and impactful. Antony was a great counsellor. I enjoyed the sessions and found them really useful.
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