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Connection Matters

I had two wonderful dinner gatherings in the last week of 2023. One on the Christmas day at a community center; and the other on New Year’s eve at my home.

Two different settings but ONE thing in common: a genuine connection and conversation with the people at the table – with friends as well as with those who I met for the first time. No phone interruptions; no texting.

Meal connects. It connects us with family. It turns strangers into friends.

Dinner table is full of significance. Think about the precious time when you’ve chatted with your family at your dining table, where stories have been shared and guests have been welcomed…

Connection matters. We all know the power of connection with others and its wider impact on our mental and physical health. 

Business networking may advance your career and business growth. A meal connection with your loved ones definitely worth more than millions!

Weekend is coming again. Why not make it a ‘Happy Meal’ weekend and truly connect with others?

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