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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”

Galileo Galilei

Feb 2024 - Team Building
@ Tien Yan Stichting Nederland


March -May  2024
Self-awareness and family relationships
@Almere, the Netherlands

2024  workshops

SamenGrief SamenWalk 
@ Tien Yan Stichting Nederland

2023 Training workshops

2023 was truly a fruitful year. I had the wonderful opportunities speaking to 200+ participants at various workshops/seminars/events/ retreat camp across various locations in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Den Haag, Den Bosch, Almere, as well as my home city in Hong Kong.

I am humbled to learn and to meet people from all walks of life- entrepreneurs,  school teachers, retired seniors, new immigrants,  fellow coaches & counsellors, staff from NGOs etc. We explored topics on sleep health, self-awareness and shared our life stories.  Thank you for being in this growth journey together.

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Sleep Seminar
Sleep quality & mental health


         From Finance to Counselling

a story of courage 
           a story of exploration

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