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Mid-life career change - Reflection #3

Take stock and make a bridge.

I see second half career as a bridge – connecting your accomplishments and learning points from your first into your second half. It’s not starting from scratch but a continuation of your life story. Your next phase.

I think the key to a successful second half is not a change of jobs. It is a change of heart, a change in the way you view the world and order your life. For some that might involve a career switch, but for some it might mean a parallel career – keeping your current position but make  time and space for what is important.

In any case, it require us to take stock. What worked? What are my skills and talents? What motivate me? What didn’t work? We are not approaching the second half with regrets over your first half (I should have …).  Important is to keep things in perspective and accept them as in inevitable part of growth.  How you would done certain things differently in the second half?

What’s in your box that you can take it into your second half?

Connect with me and I would love to hear your stories and aspirations. 

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