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Counselling is a place for you to share your stories. A place for your stories to be seen and heard. It is to see your stories through your transformative lens - exploring the perceptions, patterns, emotions, beliefs, ideas and social-cultural influences that has shaped you as a human being.

It is about reflection, healing and hope

Counselling is about creating changes, and hope. Whether you’re looking for personal development, understanding where you came from, breaking old relationship patterns, ditching bad habits, creating a new normal, trying something new, or investing in yourself.  As a counsellor/therapist, I am here to be support your journey - helping you to see new possibilities and perspectives, and unlock your potential for creativity and (re)connect with new meaning and purpose.

Counselling and therapy are complementary. They support clients transformations at different levels. They both help you in understanding the root cause of our emotional challenges and distresses, and setting goals to begin reclaiming the story of your life — the story that you have always wanted and deserve, to be living.  Therapy takes clients even further on a deeper psychological journey which is powerful for healing deep patterns and traumas. 

Counselling is surrounded by lots of stigmas. It is common for people to think that it is only for people with mentally illness. Counselling is like going to the gym or doing exercises for maintaining and developing your physical condition.  A little counselling can help everyone to maintain a good psychological well-being and hence improving every day life.



A safe environment to live without fear and have space to grow



Emotional connection to others through friendships and loving relationships

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A sense of our own competence & abilities



A sense of control; freedom to make our own choices and decisions



Connection to wider communities



Time & space to reflect on, learn from, and consolidate our experiences



Giving and receiving attention



A sense that we are accepted, valued within groups to which we belong

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Meaning & Purpose

Having purpose in what we do, being stretched mentally or physically


Stress and anxiety • depression • trauma recovery • addiction • grief & Loss • phobias •  self-esteem  
family & relationships

There is a time for everything...
a time to search and a time to reflect

We all experiences life challenges


Everyone experiences highs and lows in the journeys of life.  Life challenges may be changing careers, becoming a parent, struggling with self confidence issue and low self-esteem, navigating the loss of a relationship, recovering from substance use, working through anxiety, depression or trauma etc.  it’s never going to always be smooth and straight on.

Life stories are complex. Much of the way we see the would is built up through stories that we tell ourselves and that are told to us. It’s often the unnecessarily limiting stories and personal metaphors individuals tell themselves that need to be challenged.


My Approach



My main counselling & therapy approach is based on Human Givens organising idea of mental health.  Nature has programmed all of us with physical and emotional needs.  People do not experience mental distress when their innate needs are being met in balanced, healthy ways.  Stress, anxiety, anger, depression and addiction are the result of our innate needs not being met, either due to environmental factors, harmful conditioning or a misuse of imagination (worrying).


The sessions are a joint effort between you and I.  Together we will explore and highlight areas in your life where your essential needs are not being met.  Each of us is a unique individual, hence, my approach will be formulated to meet the uniqueness of your needs.  Together we will identify your resources and capabilities to set achievable goals. The aim of our sessions is help you to move forward and to reach your potential in life - reclaiming your stories that you have always wanted.

Counselling is a process of moving inside and working from within.

I can talk to you about how psychological patterns are formed during our development and how they then can tend to repeat themselves in our life and our relationships. I can talk about how a particular trauma in childhood makes the child represses that hurt and vulnerability.   We all need to have this 'outside' perspective.  For the therapeutic counselling process to work, we need to go through a journey and exploration - learning from within, rather than learning at a distance.

Taking the step to visit a counselor is an act of bravery. It can be difficult to talk to strangers about your burdens and struggles.  One thing for sure, sharing your stories and having your stories to be heard is in itself, therapeutic.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation session.

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