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What is your story?



Your life stories are unique:  a story of how you have been and hope to be.

The way you give meaning to your stories can influence how you see yourself and the world. We also carry stories about ourselves that have been placed on us by others.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your stories and to continue your growth and development journey.

Understanding gives you the power to achieve change. 

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Counsellor - Coach - Trainer

My name is Antony Tse. I provide individual counselling , coaching services and conduct training workshops internationally to English and Chinese speaking communities, either online or onsite at my private practice located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I help clients overcome a range of emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, workplace stress, depression, relationship issues, self-confidence, phobias and addiction. 

My wish for you - no matter where your life journey leads - is for you to take that next step towards the story that you have always wanted and deserve to be living. 

It is a place to build hope, to look beyond your current challenges. Knowing that changes are possible, whatever circumstances you are currently in.


Coaching is to think outside the box

We look together at how you can use your resources and apply new strategies and do things differently and creatively to achieve your life and career goals. 


I conduct group training workshops ( face to face or online) internationally to promote self-development and mental health awareness. I believe understanding can empower people to change and to live a better life.


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